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"Mini-Coiler"™ (new)

Combination Machine for 5” (11 ¾”-11 7/8” coils) or 6” (15” coils) Gutters

Sell more by giving the contractor what they wants.
The Mini coiler is a combination machine for 5" or 6" gutter coil.

  • Mini-Coils in ANY color
  • Coils in ANY size - rolled to exact length
  • Eliminate waste and excessive handling with the mini-coiler™
  • Recoil .027 or .032 pre-finished gutter coil
  • Coil cradle also available (for up to 500# coils)
  • Exact feet/inches with built-in counter
  • Portable - easily rolled around warehouse
  • Built-in shrink wrapper for mini coils
View Our Optional Coil Cradle

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