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Rain Gutter Elbows and
Gutter Downspouts

Benefits of Gutter Elbows
  • Precision eight pleat gutter elbows provide a straight clean form for a more efficient, technically correct, functional and appealing installation

  • Available in 30° and 45° offset gutter elbows

  • All elbows individually packaged in plastic bags for protection

  • All elbows are corner crimped for strength and ease of installation

Benefits of Rain Gutter Downspouts
  • Ever-lok™ mechanically stitched downspout seams

  • Heavy Thickness: 2x3 available in .016 & .019; 3x4 available in .019 & .024 (selected colors)

  • A- 2x3 Downspout
  • B- 3x4 Downspout
  • C- 3x4 B-Elbow
  • D- 3x4 A-Elbow
  • E- 2x3 A-Elbow
  • F- 2x3 B-Elbow
  • G- 30° Ledge Jumper
  • H- 45° Ledge Jumper

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