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Gutter Covers / Gutter Screens (new)

Premier Gutter Cover
Eliminate the hassle and hazard of gutter cleaning!

Premier Gutter Cover is a patented system that combines the best aspects of two conventional gutter guard leaf systems – a gutter cap and a gutter screen – into one effective design to virtually eliminate gutter clogs. This patented design allows even heavy rainfall to flow over the cap, through the screen and into the gutter.

How It Works
This effective, self-contained system utilizes the principle of water surface tension – the same principle that causes water to bead up on a surface or a stone to skip across a pond. The recessed gutter cap directs rain flow around the curve of the cap into the gutter. The width of the screen and the small hole size is optimized to allow water in and keep solids out. Small objects such as pine needles, small leaves, maple seed spinners and pieces of leaves are trapped by the fine screen.

Self-Cleaning Gutter Guards
The force of the rainwater on the louvered design rinses debris off the edge to the ground below, making Premier Gutter Cover effectively self-cleaning. During periods of high rainfall, the recessed cap allows water to go into the gutter through the screen – not to the ground below.

Won’t Damage Roof or Shingles
Premier Gutter Cover slides under the shingles and fastens to the front of the gutter. This allows for expansion and contraction of the gutter without damaging the roof or shingles.

With Premier Gutter protection, homeowners may never clean leaves or debris from their gutters again!

Premier Gutter Covers install on ALL gutter styles and ALL types of roofs including composition, slate, wood shake, tile and metal.

Available with a powder-coated finish in white, royal brown, musket brown, terratone bronze, clay, black, and dark green. Constructed of rust-free aluminum.

Patent No. US D558,3095

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